Battalia Royale, the loosely-based play adaption of the film and novel Battle Royale, was one bloody, funny, and scary theater production. I wore a white shirt that Friday night to get all the blood that I could get from all the killings, which I got by luck. Sadly, it wasn’t real blood.The blood stains all over me were easily washed away. So much for a this-shirt-was-blood-soaked-from-my-Battalia-Royale-experience shirt. (Sipat Lawin, are you reading this? Haha.)

We watched the first run at the Cubao leg of the play and Jessica won in our version, who also happened to be the one who brought us there at the venue. (The play provided a school bus for those who parked at Gateway Mall in Cubao since the abandoned school where the play was being held has very few parking spaces.)

Catch them perform/kill again on September 2012!


Music: “Promotion Man” by Merzbow from the album “Merzbeat”

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An example of integrating SNSD into my daily life. Here we see them used as a keypad.



Harry Potter in 99 Seconds.

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Steven Johnson tells you where good ideas come from through eye-candy doodles.